Pressed Flowers – Hydrangeas Part III/Winter Pressings

I gathered some outdoor plant material for pressing in the microwave.

Hydrangea blossoms, already partially skeletonized into pretty lace by the weather, a few still whole, were placed in an old book and then microwaved for 30 seconds.

This innovative way to press flowers is easy to do. An old book works best. Be careful to use a book without metallic lettering on the spine or inner binding or you will cause an arc (sparks) in your microwave. After placing the flowers inside the pages, rubberband and microwave. (Wipe down inside your microwave with a damp rag when you are finished.) A spacing of twenty pages between each group of flowers provides a good cushion and alleviates any marks from large leaf veins or flower calyxes.

Put a weight on top of the book when you are finished microwaving. In a day or two the flowers should be ready to use in a project.


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