Greeting Card Craft – Get Well/Tulip Trio

I created a beautiful Get Well greeting card using a collage of tulips I created from my own photographs. Before I began I made a decision as to which printed copy I would use. My home printer on ecru cardstock was my final choice. Since my blank greeting card was also ecru, the muted colors were a perfect match. I’ve included a sample of a file printed at Staples Copy Center, and a file printed on my computer. The staples print out has a professional, magazine-like vibrance and color. My home printer gives me a wider array of colors, but in more muted tones.

I cut strips of contrasting scrapbook paper to size and glued them in a cross shape to the paper with a glue stick. I use glue sticks with lightweight paper and have never had a problem with bubbling or ripples. I cut out three of the tulip collage prints and spaced them out along the cross.

I love using cut out words from books to create my own greeting. Sunniest smile was a perfect starting point for this card. The lady the greeting card was sent to has one of the best smiles of anyone I have ever known, and she has always been a beautiful soul. I also use glue sticks to attach these words. I cut the words freehand giving them an irregular appearance. If you want to have a straighter edge you can use a rotary cutter and a ruler. My personal preference is the snipped look you see above. I also added a butterfly brad.

Hmmm….have you ever written a message in a card and then realized you’ve made a mistake? I did in this case. Not to worry. I cut the card front piece away and mounted it on a piece of green card stock. I like both versions of this card.

Collage sheets hold so many possibilities in your arts, crafts and gift-giving. I recently lent a book to someone recuperating from an injury, and I included a portion of the collage sheet cut into a bookmark.

This tulip collage sheet is available as a digital download with unlimited usage at:

The Flower Ark on Etsy


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