Pressed Flowers – Garden Cress

Spring has sprung, and so has the garden cress. This small weed is invaluable in my flower designs. I use leaves from the rosette that forms near the ground, and leaves that adorn the slender stem. These miniature pieces of foliage add interest to pressed flower designs.

The garden cress leaves need no special treatment. They can be pressed between the pages of a book and will be ready to use in less than a week. I usually forgo pressing the flowers as they are dense and do not press well.

I like to place the leaves on a sheet of porous children’s doodle paper, folded in half. I place the pieces on one side, refold it, and place in a hard-covered book under a weight.  In a week or two, I can remove the page easily and store it in a larger book with the edge labeled for easy access.

I love the negative space around the leaves. Small leaves that are ferny or feathery are much better candidates for excellent flower pressing design than leaves that are larger and oval/round.

Check back in a week or two for a post that will include a finished design using these small leaves.


One thought on “Pressed Flowers – Garden Cress

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