Pressed Flowers – Laurentia

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Laurentia, a daisy-like star shaped flower, found in nurseries and also available as seeds, is a blossom I press with mixed results. I usually have a 50% success rate with Laurentia. I press it in books beneath weights, after first giving it a 15-second heating in the microwave. Some of the petals will brown, but a few of the flowers press perfectly. Press double the amount of Laurentia you wish to use in a project. The leaves will press in books, but they also are a bit of hit or miss in success rates.

The information below was cross posted in Minding My P’s with Q, and has some good tips on growing Laurentia in your garden. Even if you don’t use it for pressing, the flower is worth a spot in a pot or flower bed.

I’m growing Laurentia, (Isotoma axillaris) the ‘Pretty in Pink’ variety, as a container plant again this year. This lovely star-shaped flower also comes in a periwinkle blue and white. The foliage is daisy-like in a pretty green shade.

IMG_0148 (2)

The flowers are lovely from both front and side-view. The buds are interesting as they form and open.

IMG_0151 (1)

The petals have a nice curve and capture raindrops as they fall. I don’t do anything special for this plant. It grows in full sun from mid-morning until early afternoon. If the soil becomes a little dry it doesn’t seem to suffer. A few rainy days in a row don’t seem to bother it too much.

IMG_0152 (2)

The only problem I have found the plant to have is the leaves begin to yellow as they age. I remove them without difficulty for a better appearance. The Master Gardener Program of the University of Wisconsin says that Laurentia plants shed their spent flowers and don’t need deadheading. Shearing them back in mid-season will promote regrowth.

Laurentia are native to Australia.

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4 thoughts on “Pressed Flowers – Laurentia

    1. Timelesslady

      It’s one of my favorite summertime pursuits…always on the lookout for new blossoms and leaves to press. Thanks for the comment.


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